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Localization Service


a)Website Localization


Are you targeting Chinese market?


As the Internet grows in popularity, more users will want to access websites in their native languages. More importantly, people are more likely to purchase in their own language.


Website localization demands total accuracy, specialist cultural and market psychology knowledge and a high level of organization. Website localization is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a target audience. Website localization or website translation is one of the most cost effective methods of rapidly expanding your business.
Mag Translations works with your product team to ensure the final product is culturally appropriate to the target market while reinforcing your carefully crafted branding. Our localization experts consider a range of elements in addition to translation, such as the internationalization of standard elements.

Website internationalization includes: text expansion/contraction within navigation graphics, developer questions regarding the extent of separation of coding and content, management of alt image and metadata text, recreation of Flash or other animated elements, and how graphic content and placement affect SEO (search engine optimization).

Once our work is completed we will pass you back your finished translated website, ready for you to upload as your truly localized website. Your website localization will be carried out by qualified translators in your given field, who also have experience of marketing, to ensure that all of your key messages are not lost in the process.
Our in-depth understanding and informed predictions of developments in this area enable us to optimize the strategies we develop to take advantage immediately of daily changes to the internet climate in Asia.


b)Multimedia Localization


Multimedia promotional materials are widely applied in conferences, trade shows, presentations and training programs. Animation, flash movies and video clips are proven to be more effective and acceptable to audiences when compared to texts. In order to deliver a more engaging message to the target audience, more and more companies request the original multimedia materials to be localized.
We offer a variety of multimedia solutions, including audio and visual clips, utilizing professional tools such as Pro Tools 24, Pro Tools 5,Yamaha O2R and Sonic solutions USP.
-- Voice-overs
-- Audio, video post-production
-- Subtitle translation and production
-- Dubbing
-- AV presentations
-- Telephone and other types of computer voice prompt system